Anonymous asked:

Your art is absolutely stunning! I love how well you manipulate watercolor, seriously. If you can be bothered, would you mind giving me some tips about painting reflections with acrylics? Thanks anyway, and keep being awesome!

Thank you very much ! :)
To paint reflection just simply use brighter colors and to the biggest reflection put some white. For example reflections on guitar I painted I use brighter color than is dark red body of the guitar. I put some yellow to that red which made slightly orange shade. Under the sleeve I put thin layer of white and red. To made that look more realistic on some places it is more white on the others pink. And where is reflection there is shadow so they are important too to make it look good as unit. And shadow do not have to be always created with black you can use cobalt blue, brown,…
I hope this helps you :D because I think I am not good at giving advices. But feel free to ask me if you want. Here or you can use email I have in bio ;)

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